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Author: Francesca

We are delighted to announce that The Ivors Academy has teamed with Apple Music to bring greater awareness, within and outside the UK, of our organisation, its activities and its incredibly talented members. For the next three years, The Ivors Academy together with Apple Music, will bring wider exposure and development opportunities for our members […]

Over the past ten years, I’ve had the privilege to work on our unique awards – The Ivors and The Ivors Composer Awards (previously the British Composer Awards). What makes an Ivor Novello Award (and previously a British Composer Award) so respected and prestigious is two-fold: categories are judged exclusively by music creators, so truly […]

The AGM comprised speeches from Chair Crispin Hunt and CEO Graham Davies, as well as the order of official business. 2018 AGM minutes were approved by members present, as were the draft 2018 accounts, and members reappointed Prager Metis, Chartered Accountants as the Academy’s auditors.  Crispin’s presentation gave an overview of the changes to our […]

Since 2003, we have been recognising exceptional talent in classical, jazz and sonic art composition. For the last 15 years, our awards were known as the British Composer Awards, but from 2019 they are The Ivors Composer Awards. The Ivors Composer Awards recognise excellence in composition across classical, jazz and sound art. The awards promote […]

What is Copydan? Copydan Writing is a collective management organisation in Denmark which collects revenues for the reproduction (photocopying) of text and sheet music from Danish educational and religious establishments. As this right does not exist in UK law, the UK collection societies are unable to distribute this income. BASCA, trading as The Ivors Academy, […]

Article adapted from Music Week’s publication, available here. The legislation addresses the ‘value gap’ in relation to content on upload sites such as YouTube, who has warned of “unintended consequences” of a new licensing system for user-generated content. The Ivors Academy has taken the fight to YouTube by recording a cover of Snow Patrol’s Just Say Yes and […]

Here is the text of the letter in full: Dear Member of the European Parliament, The undersigned organisations of authors – representing hundreds of thousands of voters who are writers, screenwriters, filmmakers, composers and songwriters – urge you to seize this once in a decade opportunity and support the successful adoption of the Copyright Directive. […]

Tess Tyler at BIMM Bristol

This March we were especially pleased to be able to welcome the award winning Media composer Tess Tyler to the Bristol campus of The British & Irish Modern Music for a talk with music production students about her career and methods of working. Three sessions were held over two days exploring the nature of ‘non-linear’ […]

Dear Members of the European Parliament, We, music creators, are fundamentally open to the changes of the world. We defend freedom of thought, freedom of speech, freedom of expression and the freedom to innovate more passionately than anyone. Sharing new ideas and connecting with people is our raison d’être. But our livelihoods and the cultural […]

Emily Saunders at ACM Guildford

The spotlight in February fell on our Academic Partner the Academy of Contemporary Music and Academy member Emily Saunders. As well as sharing her career story and her working experiences as a critically claimed songwriter, composer, vocalist and broadcaster, students from both Guildford and Birmingham also had the opportunity to present their own songs to […]

Emily Phillips at BIMM

Sandwiched between both ACM sessions we were very lucky to book a guest artist session with Academy member and UK chart-topping songwriter Emily Phillips for students studying at the London campus of The British & Irish Modern Music in Fulham. A fascinating insight into the co-writing process and collaborating, the nature of inspiration and where […]

Daniel Kidane

Returning to the Academy office after the Christmas festivities and celebrations, we kicked-off the New Year with our first Academic Partners event of 2019. We are grateful to the Royal College of Music for hosting this guest artist session in the warm acoustic of the wood panelled Parry Room. Joining me on this very wet […]

Crispin Hunt, Julia Montero, Emma McClarkin MEP and Graham Davies

As part of BASCA’s ambitious strategy for growth – including a rebrand – in 2019, BASCA Chair Crispin Hunt introduced the appointment of Graham Davies as Interim CEO for a further year, in addition to MEP Emma McClarkin and music lawyer Julia Montero as new Independent Directors of the Board. At the AGM, Davies delivered […]

Debbie is Classic FM’s Composer in Residence and her latest album “The Glorious Garden”, a collaboration with Alan Titchmarsh, topped the UK Classical Chart for three weeks. In a ceremony at Buckingham Palace on November 16th, Wiseman was presented with her award by Prince Charles. Also presented with her award that day was Grace Ladoja, […]

Highlighting the diversity and vibrancy of contemporary composition in the UK today, the 2018 British Composer Awards nominees include: numerous works demonstrating the ways in which today’s composers give a voice to marginalised groups in society; compositions inspired by poetry and other artforms such as visual art and literature; and works that breathe new life […]

How do you feel about receiving a Gold Badge Award from the songwriting and composing community? “Honoured and delighted! Gold Badge is a very special occasion and I’m looking forward to seeing colleagues and friends.” What has been the most pivotal moment in your career? “Writing the music for a film about the National Trust, […]

How do you feel about receiving a Gold Badge Award from the songwriting and composing community? “I’m very flattered and if I’m honest, I’m as pleased as Punch, especially because the award was voted for by colleagues rather than members of the general public. It’s recognition for a branch of musical activity which normally passes […]

How do you feel about receiving a Gold Badge Award from the songwriting and composing community? “It’s a great honour to be recognised by one’s peers. I’m very humbled.” What has been the most pivotal moment in your career? “The most pivotal moment came in Miami on New Year’s Eve 1983, when as a 23-year […]

How do you feel about receiving a Gold Badge Award from the songwriting and composing community? “I genuinely can’t think of a greater compliment. I have so much respect, admiration and affection for those incredible artists who gift the world with new music. It would be privilege enough just to spend my working days with […]

How do you feel about receiving a Gold Badge Award from the songwriting and composing community? “In my understanding of the world of music, the composer is at the top of the food chain. Without composers…..well, it is pretty obvious isn’t it! There would be no music. I spend my Conducting life supporting composers, both […]


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