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Reprographic Royalties

Reprographic royalties are monies earned from the photocopying of manuscripts, songbooks and lyric sheets. They are collected in various countries around the world and at the moment the right is not recognised in the UK.

The Ivors Academy has relationships with agencies that collect these royalties in other countries, in respect of the UK songwriters and composers who have an interest in the works being photocopied.

So far we have received royalty payments from:

  • Kopinor: Norway
  • Copydan: Denmark
  • Bonus Copyright: Sweden
  • Kopiosto: Finland

Royalties with data enabling distribution of payment to writers/estates

The Academy receives two types of payment, the first are royalties which are received with data that enables onward distribution of royalties directly to writers or their estates. These royalties are received from CopyDan in Denmark. Our first distribution of CopyDan royalties was made in 2019 and we make four distributions of these royalties each year.

We attempt to contact as many writers/estates as possible and work with organisations such as PRS for Music to try to find contact information. We encourage writers to contact us if they think they may be owed some royalties by emailing copydan@ivorsacademy.com.

Royalties lacking data for distribution

The second arrangement is where the reprographic agency does not collect any data on music that has been copied. There is no information to use to pay out these royalties directly to writers and over a number of years the relevant reprographic agencies in Norway, Sweden and Finland have been content that the money is used to fund the Academy’s education, advocacy and research activities to support songwriters and composers, and to help them achieve their full potential.

The Ivors Academy offers a range of educational opportunities to support songwriters and composers at all levels. This support includes mentoring, including the ABRSM Composer Mentoring Programme, which provides emerging composers from diverse backgrounds with opportunities to develop their skills in writing for education. Open to composers from the networks and memberships of Black Lives in Music, the Musicians’ Union and The Ivors Academy, it helps build networks, knowledge and professional skills.

We work closely with our Councils focused on different genres in music and across the UK’s nations. As well as ensuring creator-voice is at the heart of the Academy, we working with our Education and Careers Council to provide more resources and webinars focused on business topics.

Accompanying Ivor Novello Award ceremonies, Ivors Classical Week and Ivors Week, bring education, understanding and celebration of composing and songwriting to new audiences, across and beyond the music industry. With panels, lectures, networking opportunities and performances the Weeks provide new opportunities for music creators and engage the public with the importance of music creation.

We advocate for the rights of songwriters and composers to ensure fair terms, to combat bullying and harassment, to promote the value of music education and funding, and so that music creators are fairly remunerated for their work. We lobby the Government and decision-makers on issues so that music creatives can start and sustain successful careers.

The Ivors Academy carries out research on a variety of topics related to songwriting and composing. This helps us understand the needs of songwriters and composers and to develop activities and resources that meet those needs.

Our Composers Under Pressure? conversation combines research, community engagement and campaigning to represent classical composers concerned about the impact of changes to funding and prioritisation on education, cultural institutions and support networks.


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