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Ivors Academy’s joint membership with the Music Producers Guild, the Musicians’ Union and The Qube – Save with a joint membership

We’ve joined forces with the Musicians’ Union (MU), The Music Producers Guild (MPG) and The Qube so that musicians, producers and creators can benefit from the best possible support, representation and community that they need. 

Our joint membership is open to new and current members of these organisations, giving you more advice, support, networking and events at a discounted rate.

You cannot have a joint membership with more than one other sister organisation

What are the benefits?

You will have access to a comprehensive package of benefits across both The Ivors Academy, The Qube, the MU and the MPG, including:

  • Access to recording, rehearsal, photography, podcast and content studios
  • Career advice
  • Funding advice
  • Contract and legal advice
  • Musicology services
  • Networking events, training workshops and seminars
  • Insurance cover
  • Mentoring opportunities
  • Discounts including Apple hardware and software
  • Discounted tickets to The Ivors (Professional members only) and The Ivors Composer Awards, as well as discounted fees when entering works

What is the offer?

Join one organisation and save 25% off the other. When you renew after a year, you will receive an ongoing discount of 25% across both organisations.  Ivors Academy members can join:

  • The MU for £170.25 per year (usual price £227).
  • The MPG for £90 per year (usual price £120). 

Ivors members can get 50% off their first 3 months of Qube Membership. Minimum of 12 months required and subject to membership approval:

  • £45 per month (usual price £90) for House Membership, £199.40 per month (usual price £238.90) for Solo Membership and £249.50 per month (usual price £499 ) for Professional Membership.

The Qube, MU and MPG members can join The Ivors Academy for £69 per year as a Standard member (usual price £92) or £124.50 per year as a Professional member (usual price £166). 

How do I sign up?

I am already a member of The Ivors Academy
To receive 25% off –

I am already a member of the MU, the MPG and The Qube
To receive 25% off Ivors Academy membership, join as an Ivors Academy Joint Member.

I am not a member of either The Ivors Academy or the MU
First join as an Ivors Academy Standard or Professional member, join as an MU member, join as an MPG member or join as a Qube member.

I am an existing member of both The Ivors Academy and the MU or MPG
Before the renewal of your Ivors Academy membership, please complete this form to get 25% off. To get 25% off your MU membership, visit this webpage to renew your MU membership at the discounted rate. To get 25% of your MPG membership visit this webpage. To get 50% off  your first 3 months of Qube membership visit this webpage and don’t forget to use your members referral code.

View full T&C’s. 

Get more for less

Become a member of The Ivors Academy and access our full range of benefits, including 25% off MU or MPG membership.

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