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The most important awards for music creators

For over 63 years The Ivors Academy has celebrated
excellence in songwriting and composing. Our awards shine a
light on the creative talent of music creators, raising their profile
and celebrating their craft.

An Ivor Novello Award represents peer recognition for exceptional achievement across classical, jazz, screen composing and songwriting. We have presented The Ivors since 1956 and
The Ivors Composer Awards (formerly the British Composer Awards) since 2003.

The Ivors teaser image

The Ivors 2020

The Ivors 2020 will be presented on 2 September 2020. Tickets are on sale now.

The Ivors Composer Awards teaser image

The Ivors Composer Awards 2020

The Ivors Composer Awards 2020 will be presented on 1 December at the British Museum, London.

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