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Co-Pilot: the Musicians’
Mentoring Network

Co-Pilot: the Musicians’ Mentoring Network empowers songwriters, composers and musicians to develop their careers with support from an experienced mentor.

The music industry can be a lonely field, having a mentor can give you that ​one foot in’ feeling and make you feel like you’re not doing everything on your own.”

Dominique Levack, singer-songwriter

It is run by Help Musicians in partnership with The Ivors Academy and members can apply to become a mentee or mentor.

Co-Pilot provides eight hours of mentoring across six months, but it is more than just mentoring. You will have access to resources, workshops and networking opportunities to develop your career. To make it as accessible as possible, Co-Pilot is an online network. Mentors and mentees can be located anywhere in the UK.

Mentees are usually required to wait 12 months after completing their first round of mentoring before reapplying, but as a founding partner, Academy members have an opportunity to reapply for Co-Pilot straight away for a second round of mentoring.


Over six months, mentees and mentors:

  • Attend a 90-minute online welcome session
  • Have access to guides and induction videos
  • Meet your mentoring partner during a 30-minute chemistry session
  • Complete eight hours of mentoring over six months through one-to-one video conferencing
  • Attend optional peer-to-peer networking opportunities including a mentor/mentee meet up
  • Attend optional expert practitioner webinars and business skills workshops
  • Complete a midpoint and final evaluation survey

Mentee benefits

There’s no blueprint for having a successful career as a songwriter or composer. What advice, guidance and encouragement you need will be unique to your journey. Being mentored provides personalised support that can be valuable throughout your career.

Find out more and apply to become a mentee

Mentor benefits

Mentoring is an important way to give back and support your fellow music creators at different stages of their careers. It also builds your skills and connections, providing new perspectives and ideas.

Find out more and apply to become a mentor


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