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First distribution payments of Copydan royalties begin

We are delighted that from 24th June 2019, The Ivors Academy will begin distributing royalties due to UK songwriters and composers from Copydan. This is the first time that these royalties have ever been paid to UK music creators.

Copydan royalties payments begin

What is Copydan?

Copydan Writing is a collective management organisation in Denmark which collects revenues for the reproduction (photocopying) of text and sheet music from Danish educational and religious establishments. As this right does not exist in UK law, the UK collection societies are unable to distribute this income. BASCA, trading as The Ivors Academy, is not a collection society but is acting as an agent for Copydan Writing in this territory.

What is happening now?

Alongside the funds, we have received a list of UK rightsholders to whom these funds are due. We have made endeavours since March 2018 to contact these rightsholders in preparation for BASCA receiving the funds from Copydan in March 2019. We are now writing to all rightsholders for whom we have contact information with details of their royalties due and a request for any outstanding financial information required from them before we begin to make the payments.

Our first payment date for Copydan royalties is Monday 24th June 2019. If we receive your completed financial information form by Monday 17th June, your royalties will be paid in this first payment run. If you return your form after this date, your payment will be made on the soonest planned payment date after we receive your form (providing we have at least 5 working days clear between receipt of your form and the payment date). Our future payment dates are: Monday 23rd September 2019; Monday 6th January 2020; Monday 20th March 2020.

If you have previously heard from BASCA regarding Copydan and not yet sent us your relevant financial information, please contact copydan@ivorsacademy.com to request a form for completion.

Who will receive Copydan royalties?

If you are a member of The Ivors Academy and are due any Copydan royalties, you will be hearing from us from 30th May 2019 with information on your payments due. However, this is an ongoing agreement with Copydan, so if you have not earned any royalties thus far, you may in the future if your work is included in, for example, song books used in Danish schools. We will contact you regarding Copydan royalties as they come in annually.

If  you are not a member of The Ivors Academy, and have not heard from us, but believe you may be due royalties from Copydan for reproduction of your work as text/sheet music in Denmark in educational and religious establishments over the last five years, please get in touch at copydan@ivorsacademy.com

Members of The Ivors Academy benefit from a reduced administration fee on any Copydan payments due to them (reduced from 10% to 8%). If you are not yet a member of The Ivors Academy, please click here to find out more about joining and to sign up today.

For more information about Copydan royalties payments, please see our FAQs on Copydan.


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