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Member Spotlight: Melissa James

For our first October (Black History Month) edition of the member spotlight, we speak to Melissa James – an Artist, Singer, Songwriter, Writer, Creator and Standard Member about herself, experiences and how her heritage influences her work. We'll also be speaking about her initiative, Stronger on Sundays (SoS) - a Conversations with Compassion on Racial and Social Justice in a music-filled space.

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Member Spotlight: Mentoring Class of 2021

This month’s Member Spotlight features some of the 2020/21 mentee alumni to inspire future mentees to join Co-Pilot: the Musicians’ Mentoring Network.

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Brian Eno and Professor Brian Cox to give David Ferguson lecture on music and the climate emergency during first Ivors Week

With climate scientist Dr Tamsin Edwards and moderator, Emmy-nominated composer, artist, and music producer Hannah Peel the lecture will explore how the music industry can reduce its emissions and promote a progressive climate agenda through EarthPercent.

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The Ivors Academy publishes its first annual gender and ethnicity pay gap report

The report includes an action plan to review staff recruitment, development and support for leadership skills.

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Member Spotlight: Xia Leon Sloane

For our August edition of the member spotlight, we speak to Xia Leon Sloane – a young yet already accomplished composer, about the premier performance of their composition ‘In pearls of æther’ at the Cheltenham music festival.

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Data issues are at the heart of half a billion pounds a year of unallocated or misallocated streaming royalties for songwriters and rightsholders

The Ivors Academyhas published a new report estimating the size of the global song streaming data gap – streaming royalties for songs that are unallocated or misallocated due to missing or incomplete data.

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Nominations announced for The Ivors with Apple Music 2021

The Ivors Academy has announced the nominations for The Ivors with Apple Music 2021, across eight categories for songs, albums, screen and video game scores - as well as Songwriter of the Year and PRS for Music Most Performed Work.

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Member Spotlight: IMOGEN

In our new member spotlight series, we speak to songwriter and Academy member 'IMOGEN' about her latest single release and influences.

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The Ivors Academy x #PrideMonth2021

As we reach the end of a month of celebrations for Pride Month, our LGBTQI+ Working Group Chair, Will Davenport, shares his thoughts.

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