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The Ivors Academy responds to recent arts cuts in Wales

The Ivors Academy's Welsh Council have written an open letter, urging the Senedd to reconsider cuts to the arts in Wales.

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Ivors Academy and Musicians’ Union launch Fair Score specimen agreement to support composers writing music for TV

The Fair Score specimen agreement, with accompanying notes, provides composers with an example of what a comprehensive commissioning agreement looks like and will help members looking to negotiate fair deals with a commissioners – from small independent production companies with modest budgets through to global broadcasters.

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Senior MPs call for songwriters to be fairly remunerated in new report

A group of cross-party MPs have called for Government to bring forward measures to improve publishing rights to fairly remunerate songwriters for their work.

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AI and music Global Summit wrapped up

AI is like a hammer. If you see a weapon, then that’s on you. If you see something you can use to build a house, then that’s on you too.

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Speakers, new sponsor DAACI and media partner Music Ally announced for the Global Creators Summit on AI and Music

The summit will be a platform for discussion, new ideas and debate on the most fundamental revolution facing music creators for generations.

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Composers Against Buyouts rebranded as Fair Score

This campaign builds on and continues the work of Composers Against Buyouts and will provide even greater opportunities for composers and allies to come together and demand a future where media commissioning is fair for all.

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How can composers oppose buyouts? Our campaign one year on

One year on from launching our #ComposersAgainstBuyouts campaign, we take a look at what’s needed to tackle the problems surrounding buyouts.

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Demands by Moonbug Entertainment that composers hand over performing rights royalties condemned by The Ivors Academy and MU

The Ivors Academy and Musicians’ Union - who represent tens of thousands of musicians, songwriters and composers in the UK – have condemned the use of a ‘letter of direction’ by Moonbug Entertainment to force composers to assign the company all revenues from performing rights royalties when signing a contract with them.

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