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The Ivors Academy and Musicians’ Union launch Keep Music Alive campaign to “fix streaming now”

The Ivors Academy and the Musicians’ Union (MU) have joined forces at a time of crisis for tens of thousands of music creators to form a new alliance that will campaign to Keep Music Alive.

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Survey of The Ivors Academy members shows financial losses from Covid-19 for each music creator equivalent to 62 million Spotify streams

Results from our recent survey highlight the financial impact of Covid-19 on the music creator community.

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The Ivors Academy responds to Government consultation on decriminalising BBC TV licence evasion

We have responded to Government’s consultation on decriminalising evasion of the TV licence fee, which aimed to gather views on switching to a civil enforcement system.

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The German songwriter streaming revolt: re-slicing the royalty pie

Key takeaways from our recent event, as the Academy's Songwriter Committee Chair Helienne Lindvall explores new ways to redress the streaming value gap.

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The Ivors Academy calls on the BBC to support classical composers by playing more of their work

An open letter from the The Ivors Academy’s Classical Committee to the BBC is calling for the work of living classical composers to be broadcast more.

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The Ivors Academy calls on digital platforms and collecting societies to divert £100m+ of black box streaming royalties into a new hardship fund

Graham Davies, CEO of The Ivors Academy, says the music industry must do much more to provide support to the thousands of musicians facing a funding crisis.

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The Ivors Academy welcomes the decision by Discovery Networks to reverse their buyout policy

We respond to Discovery Networks recent decision to remain operating under the traditional PRO model #nomusicbuyouts

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The Ivors Academy calls for solidarity against buyouts

Graham Davies, CEO raises the alarm on the worsening outlook for composers being commissioned for screen.

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The Ivors Academy takes action on improving music for screen commissioning practice

Earlier last month we issued a survey to try to understand growing concerns around the practice of music commissioning in the UK.

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