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Elections 2021

Professional members have the chance to stand for election to the new members’ Senate.

The new 40-strong members’ Senate makes sure that songwriters and composers are at the heart of the Academy. It will meet four times a year to ask questions of the Board and CEO, and put member views at the centre of the Academy’s strategy and plans.

Senators will be involved in Committees, Advisory Groups and Councils to represent members’ interests and make recommendations to the Board. Up to 11 of the Senate will be appointed to the Board.

Put yourself forward to stand for election by 4pm on Friday 8th October.

If you’re not yet a part of The Ivors Academy, apply for Professional membership.

Find out more at our ‘Be an Ivors Academy Senator’ coffee morning.

Join us on Friday 24th September at 10:30 – 12:00 for a virtual information evening to find out more about the Academy, how you can get involved, and be part of an incredible community of diverse, talented and dedicated songwriters.

Register to attend.

Recent governance changes

At the 2021 AGM on the 6th of July, 83% of members voted in favour of governance reforms at the Academy to create a new members’ Senate. These changes seek to provide greater representation for creators across genre, backgrounds and issues across the UK creative community.

The elections for the members’ Senate – from which the Board will be elected – are an exciting opportunity to be part of a proudly-creator led membership organisation that champions, campaigns for and supports the UK’s songwriters and composers.

What is the Senate?

The new Senate will be made up of 40 dedicated and talented music creators, representing as broad a range of music as possible. To retain a balance, two seats for each of the four current Genre Committees – Classical, Jazz, Media and Songwriting – will be designated on the Senate. One seat for each of those four genres will be designated on the Board. Two seats on the Senate and one on the Board will also be designated for under-25 creators.

The Senate will provide direct engagement between the Board and Executive, and increase the communication and involvement of elected members in the work of the Academy.

Members of the Senate will be encouraged to establish Councils, as replacements for the Genre Committees, which can be open to non-elected members to join depending on their interests.

The rest of the seats are not specified and open to all. We hope that the governance changes create opportunities to involve creators from more genres to broaden our voice and appeal. Find out more about our commitment to championing and increasing equality, diversity and inclusion through our 12-Point action plan.

What does a Senator do?

As a Senator, you will meet four times per year to put member views at the centre of the Academy’s strategy and plans. You will be able to connect with creators across genres to build on our established community and network, and strengthen our visibility and influence as a professional association that songwriters and composers in the UK deserve.

You can choose to be involved in establishing our Councils and Advisory Groups to represent members’ interests and make recommendations to the Board or stand for election to the Board of Directors yourself.

By joining our community you will raise your voice by connecting with music creators, grow your career through events and mentoring, and support our campaigns that fight for your rights. As a collective, we are stronger together.

Why should I be a Senator?

The Ivors Academy’s governance puts members at the heart of the organisation – who work with staff and co-opted experts to set the Academy’s direction and oversee how it is run to benefit all members.

As a senator, you will be able to:

  • Receive a free professional membership to the Academy for the length of your term in office (which includes exclusive member events, entry into our awards with no fee, and insurance cover).
  • Establish and be part of our new Councils and Advisory Groups.
  • Be a part of a community of creators that encourages and inspires you.

How do I apply to become a Senator?

For this year’s election, UK Engage will be hosting the elections site which will allow you to register your interest to stand for election.

Each member will receive an email on Tuesday 31 August with a link to the elections site.

You will be asked to provide your name, genre/s you represent, and a manifesto – no more than 250 words – on why you think you should be elected.

You must have a minimum of two supporters for your application. Your first supporter must be a Professional member whilst your second supporter can be a Professional or Standard member. Your third supporter is optional and can be a Professional or Standard member.

Nominations will then be collated into a ballot paper where members can review all candidates and make their choice.

The voting process will last from 14 October to 5 November. Canvassing for votes is allowed. Members will have 20 votes to cast in the elections process.

Put yourself forward to stand for election by 4pm on Friday 8th October.

Elections 2021 timeline

Tuesday 31st August          Formal notice of elections and nominations open
Wednesday 8th September Be an Ivors Academy Senator evening (Zoom)
Friday 8th October Close of nominations
Thursday 14th October Online voting opens
Friday 5th November  Online voting closes
Monday 8th November Senate results declared
Monday 15th November Senate meet for first time & nominations for Board open
Friday 19th November Nominations for Board close
Monday 22nd November Senate receive voting paper to elect Board
Monday 29th November Voting for Board closes
Tuesday 30th November    Results for Board declared
Wednesday 1st December    New and existing Board Directors meeting
Monday 10th January Director and Council members induction day
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