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Members’ Senate will be created following vote at AGM

At today’s AGM members voted in favour of governance reforms at the Academy to create a new 40-strong Senate. There will be elections to the members’ Senate later in the autumn, from which up to 11 members will be appointed to the Board.

At the meeting members heard how the Academy, as a community of music creators, has strengthened its influence, raised its voice and increased support for members throughout their careers.

A big part of the mission to be stronger together is to truly represent the variety of the UK’s songwriters and composers throughout the Academy’s governance and membership. Find out more about the Senate and governance changes.

Along with Academy Chair Crispin Hunt – Board Directors Hope Winter, Imogen Williams and Bill Sweeney spoke in favour of the changes.

The Board provided a statement to confirm the changes:

“The Ivors Academy Board has proposed changes to the Academy’s Articles of Association in 2021 to enable the Academy to become more representative of the rich variety of genres, backgrounds and issues that exist across the UK creative community. The Academy’s future success is dependent on maintaining a good balance of representation and ensuring that no one genre or interest group dominates the Board or Senate. The Board is committed to reviewing the Academy’s governance every three years, in advance of the elections to ensure that a healthy balance of representation is maintained.”

A 75% majority was needed to approve the governance reforms and 83% of members’ votes were in favour.

In other business, members approved the 2020 accounts, and that Prager Metis should be appointed as auditors for the next year.


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