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The Ivors Academy nears gender pay parity

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The Ivors Academy has published its second pay gap report as part of our commitment to championing equality, diversity and inclusion. We are a growing organisation with a small team of 18, well below the Government threshold of 250 employees that requires companies to publish information about gender pay gaps. No organisations in the UK are currently required to publish ethnicity pay gaps.

The report is based on data from 18 members of staff in 2022 and 14 in 2021. It is challenging to report on the pay of a small organisation as one or two people can make a big difference to the results. So, we have provided figures with and without the CEO’s pay, who identifies as a white male.

We asked staff to self-identify their gender and ethnicity. All staff identified as either male or female, which is reflected in the way that gender is compared and reported on.

Including the CEO’s salary, our gender pay is close to parity at 3.5% mean and -5.07% median. These figures are an improvement from 2021 and better than the national average.

Our ethnicity pay gaps at 31% mean (national average 26%) and 5.06% median (national average 21.7%) create a focus for positive action.

As part of our Equalities Action Plan, in 2022 we have reviewed our recruitment policies, provided diversity training and launched a staff mentoring programme. Next year we will continue reviewing our recruitment policies, supporting staff with training and mentoring, and will strengthen the policies to support and invest in our team, such as flexible working, annual leave, parental leave and support for wellbeing.

Ivors Academy pay gap chart 2022



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