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Alongside the funds, Copydan provides The Ivors Academy with a breakdown of royalties due to rightsholders; sometimes this information specifies for which work/s, sometimes only the rightsholder. We cross-reference this information against various databases – primarily our own membership database and PRS for Music’s database – as well as wider desk research if required to […]

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Depending on how you manage your own accounting and tax returns, you may need to raise an invoice to account for the income you’ve received for your Copydan royalties. In the first instance, please contact your accountant for advice on this if you have one. If you need to raise an invoice for VAT purposes, […]

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We distribute Copydan royalties in May each year, with ad hoc payments when new recipients details are processed.

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Because the agreement we have entered into with Copydan is new and unprecedented, royalties for years prior to 2014 which were due to UK rightsholders have been absorbed by Copydan into its own funds which are invested in activity to serve the general best interest of music creators in Denmark.

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It is the Academy’s responsibility to take all reasonable endeavours to contact the rightsholders who are due royalties payments in order to ensure their royalties are paid to them. We report details of these efforts back to Copydan; if after three years we are unable to contact the recipients then funds due to them become […]

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The Ivors Academy applies an administration fee to all the Copydan royalties payments it makes to rightsholders. For rightsholders who are not members of The Ivors Academy, this administration fee is 10%. For rightsholders who are members of The Ivors Academy, this administration fee is reduced to 8%. The Ivors Academy charges an administration fee […]

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Royalties are due to songwriters and composers whose works have been reproduced in Denmark by educational and religious establishments since 2015. Copydan supply the Academy with this information alongside the funds based on their own methods of measuring and allocating royalties to rightsholders. These rightsholders may or may not be members of The Ivors Academy, […]

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Copydan Writing is a collective management organisation in Denmark which collects revenues for the reproduction (photocopying) of text and sheet music from Danish educational and religious establishments. As this right does not exist in UK law, the UK collection societies are unable to distribute this income. BASCA, trading as The Ivors Academy, is not a […]


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