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When are Copydan payments made?

In March 2019, Copydan transferred funds to The Ivors Academy for royalties due from the years 2015 through to 2018. The Ivors Academy will begin distributing these funds to rightsholders in June 2019.

Our first payment date will be Monday 24th June 2019. Provided we have all of your bank and tax residency information at least 5 days prior to this, your royalties payment will be made on this date. If we do not have all of your information by this time, your royalties will be paid on one the next soonest payment date at least 5 working days clear from when we receive all your information. These scheduled dates are: Monday 23rd September 2019; Monday 6th January 2020; Monday 23rd March 2020.

Looking ahead, Copydan will transfer funds to The Ivors Academy no later than 30th April in the year following the year of collection. For example, Copydan will transfer funds for 2019 royalties payments to The Ivors Academy by 30th April 2020. We will then distribute these funds from May 2020, with quarterly payment dates similar to those for the 2019-20 distribution year.

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