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Who will receive royalties payments from Copydan via The Ivors Academy?

Royalties are due to songwriters and composers whose works have been reproduced in Denmark by educational and religious establishments since 2015. Copydan supply the Academy with this information alongside the funds based on their own methods of measuring and allocating royalties to rightsholders.

These rightsholders may or may not be members of The Ivors Academy, there is absolutely no discrimination in our efforts to contact rightsholders based on membership of The Ivors Academy.

If you are a member of The Ivors Academy and are due any Copydan royalties, you will have heard from us. However, this is an ongoing agreement with Copydan, so if you have not earned any royalties thus far, you may in the future if your work is included in, for example, song books used in Danish schools. We will contact you regarding Copydan royalties as they come in annually.

If  you are not a member of The Ivors Academy, and have not heard from us, but believe you may be due royalties from Copydan for reproduction of your work as text/sheet music in Denmark in educational and religious establishments over the last five years, please get in touch at copydan@ivorsacademy.com


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