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Survey of The Ivors Academy members shows financial losses from Covid-19 for each music creator equivalent to 62 million Spotify streams

Results from our recent survey highlight the financial impact of Covid-19 on the music creator community.

The Ivors Academy recently surveyed its members about the impact of Covid-19 on music creators. The aim of this survey was to help us lobby Government to provide support for songwriters and composers that are being financially impacted. Our case to Government is significantly strengthened by input from members and we would like to thank everyone that completed the survey.

Other music organisations also sent out surveys to the music community, however this survey was unique in being tailored specifically to the songwriting and composing community.

We asked our members which aspects of their careers have been impacted by Covid-19. Out of the 204 respondents:

  • 57% have been impacted in live and touring
  • 38% in songwriting and production
  • 44% in commissioning of compositions
  • 46% in recording
  • 20% in production and marketing
  • And 22% in other areas

The total aggregate loss of respondents was found to be £5,093,797, calculated by adding together loss from cancellations incurred, net loss of income incurred and projected loss of income over six months.

This is an astonishing figure, especially if we consider that the mean average per respondent is £24,970, which is worrying at least for two reasons.

First, in the coming months, job opportunities will be scarce, so there will be virtually no chance to make up that loss with new commissions, songwriting and recording sessions, or live tours.

Second, royalties from streaming are in most cases negligible. For instance, it would take approximately 62 million Spotify streams to break even on that loss.*

The industry has come together over the past months with a number of initiatives to help those struggling, and some will also be eligible for Government support. We have consistently been lobbying Government through regular calls with Government officials, to make sure no one is forgotten. We are extremely grateful to everyone who was able to respond to the survey, as this has been and will be an integral part of building a case for the support that is needed.

*Figures calculated based on a conversion into £ of The Trichordist’s data, for a songwriter who is the only writer on a track.


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