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Music stars raise awareness of #LoveMusic campaign with busk stunt outside Google HQ

Hit songwriters, artists, musicians, MPs and UK music organisations turned out in force to support the industry’s #LoveMusic campaign.

Campaigning - The Ivors Academy Campaigning - The Ivors Academy

The event took place ahead of the crucial EU vote on Copyright Directive next week (Wednesday 12th Sept), which aims to secure fair pay for artists and creators.

Music stars who performed as part of the busk included Suede frontman Brett Anderson, Blur drummer Dave Rowntree, Victoria Horn, Emily Phillips, Newton Faulkner and Ed Harcourt. The group performed Arcade Fire’s song Wake Up, which was arranged by The Academy’s Chair Crispin Hunt, as part of the campaign to call for a fair deal from online content platforms like Google-owned YouTube. Songwriter & activist Madeleina Kay performed her song Stand Up For Your (Copy)Rights in support of the upcoming vote.

YouTube pays creators a tiny £0.00054p per stream of music, with 1 million streams on YouTube generating as little as £540 for the artist. To learn more about this campaign and to sign the petition please visit http://love-music.co/


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