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Writer Producer Fund – Grant Recipients 2018

Launched by PRS Foundation in association with The Ivors Academy Trust, our Writer Producer Fund is the first major UK grant for songwriters and writer-producers.

Recipients receive a grant of up to £10,000 to help get them to the next stage of their career. The grant can support a number of different activities, including recording, musician fees, attendance of songwriter camps and sessions, training/skills courses and maternity/child care costs.

Here is a list of the 2018 grantees:

  • Tev’n
  • Sophie White
  • Nia V
  • Monro
  • Kieron McIntosh
  • Jay Weathers
  • Catherine Anne Davies
  • Carns Hill
  • Bok Bok
  • Aston Rudi
  • Violet Skies
  • TK The Producer
  • Juliet Hudson
  • Seton Daunt
  • Sinai Tedros
  • Stefan Abingdon
  • Mumdance
  • The Fanatix
  • Charlotte Haining


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