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Gold Badge Awards 1993: Recipients

See our 1993 Gold Badge recipients here. Content originally published by BASCA.

See our 1993 Gold Badge recipients here. Content originally published by BASCA.

Originally published by BASCA, October 7th 1993

The Royal Lancaster, Bayswater Road, W2

At the 1993 Awards the following are to be awarded a Gold Badge of Merit:

  • Roy Castle
  • Russ Conway
  • Denny Dennis
  • Geoffrey Emerick
  • Geoffrey Everett
  • Peter Foss
  • Laurie Holloway & Marion Montgomery
  • Phil Kelsall
  • John Nice
  • Elaine Page
  • John Peel
  • Phyllis Rounce
  • Nat Temple
  • David Welsby
  • Norman Wisdom

Guy Fletcher, Chairman of the British Academy of Composers, Songwriters and Authors, says:

Firstly may I thank you for joining us at this years BASCA GOLD BADGE AWARDS luncheon. As you probably know, this unique event celebrates the outstanding contribution made to the British music industry by a small number of sometimes unsung heroes. This, our nineteenth year, is no exception and we have assembled a wonderful group of people who have each enriched our industry and contributed in their own way to the continued success of British music.

One of the things that makes the GOLD BADE AWARDS special is that we accord the same honour to “backroom” people and famous entertainers alike. After all you can’t have one without the other. The common factor is that all our recipients have given years of service to us and to the public and for that, we ask them to accept this token of our esteem. On behalf of the BASCA Council and all our members may I say thank you to them all.”


Frans de Wit, Chief Executive of MCPS, says:

MCPS has been the sole sponsor of the BASCA Gold Badge Awards for many years. We are delighted once again to be associated with such a prestigious and well-loved event.

The role of MCPS is synonymous of those played by many of the recipients of the Gold Badge in our mission to promote and look after the interests of copyright owners. The list of distinguished recipients, past and present, includes many who have dedicated their lives to this purpose and MCPS congratulates them all for their admirable achievements.”


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