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Gold Badge Awards 1994: Recipients

See our 1994 Gold Badge recipients here. Content originally published by BASCA.

See our 1994 Gold Badge recipients here. Content originally published by BASCA.

Originally published by BASCA, October 17th 1994

The Gold Badge Awards 1994 presented by The British Academy of Songwriters, Composers & Authors.

Tuesday 18th October 1994. London Hilton, Park Lane.

The full list of 1994 Gold Badge recipients is as follows:

  • Cilla Black
  • Derek Boulton
  • Peter Callander
  • John Carter
  • Graham Churchill
  • Syd Dale
  • John Dunn
  • David Essex
  • Patricia Kirkwood
  • Gordon Langford
  • Ken Lewis
  • Ivor Mairants
  • Doug McKenzie
  • George Melly
  • Terry Oates
  • Reg Presley
  • Ken Townsend
  • Wally Whyton

Guy Fletcher, Chairman of the British Academy of Composers, Songwriters and Authors, says:

Firstly may I thank you for attending the 20th BASCA Gold Badge Awards. As always, we are delighted to honour a small group of those men and women who have enriched the music industry by their presence and have contributed to the well-being of songwriters in the UK and abroad.

As you know, the Gold Badge is awarded not only to front line entertainers but also to those less visible but equally important members of our community. Without these broadcasters, producers, publishers, agents etc, our fabulous industry could not function and this award ceremony is BASCA’s way of saying thank-you on behalf of songwriters everywhere for their huge contribution to popular music.

Lastly, we are thrilled that BBC Radio 2 are broadcasting live from the Hilton today so that the nation will be able to share this unique occasion with us.

The BASCA Council sends congratulations to all the recipients and sincere thanks to you for your continued support.”

Frans de Wit, Chief Executive of MCPS, says:

Congratulations to BASCA on their 20th year of Gold Badge Awards, celebrating people who have made an outstanding contribution to the British music industry – the list is impressive!

MCPS’ partnership with BASCA through the sponsorship of the Gold Badge Awards has a long history and we are once again delighted to be associated with the event. It is comforting to know that despite the rapid development of the industry of these last 20 years and the future potential of rapidly advancing technological developments, one thing never changes – music is for people and music can’t happen without people.

The credentials of a Gold Badge holder are worthy of great respect and it is an honour to be involved in this tribute to them, acknowledging their admirable achievements.”


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