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Partner Spotlight: Lauren Landon, Meta

Ahead of our upcoming event Meta Loves Music: Facebook & Instagram for Songwriters, we speak with Lauren Landon, Meta's Music Publishing Partnerships Manager, about advocating for songwriters and how to make the most of the platforms.

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Member Spotlight: Ben Nobuto

"I went there thinking it would just be a nice night, maybe some free drinks and maybe I’d see some people I know. I have immense respect for the other composers in the category. I didn’t expect it at all so it was a nice feeling!"

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Member Spotlight: ROB.GREEN

…This whole EP of work that is probably more personal than anything I've ever written, yet at the same time was the least afraid I've ever been of anything I've ever written. It just felt so natural to make it…

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Member Spotlight October 2023: Nandi

"Not everyone gets to do music, so it just really made me be open minded about the journey and understanding that it’s the process that’s the prize - The fact we get to write, the fact that we get to go and rehearse and just jam. That is the prize"… For the return of the Member Spotlight, we speak to Nandi about the creative process, collaboration, her experience at The Ivors and the Inside Track programme.

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Introducing TagMix

Ahead of Ivors Week, we had a chat with Andy Dean, CEO at TagMix - one of the sponsors at our Behind The Songs: Youth Council Showcase event at Amazing Grace.

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Member Spotlight: Alfie Neale

For our March Member Spotlight, meet Alfie Neale. A 23-year-old singer, songwriter and producer, originally from Dorset and now based in Brighton, England. Alfie is also a participant in the Inside Track Development Programme. Join us as we discuss Alfie's influences and experiences as well as how he writes his songs and how he's found being a part of Inside Track has affected his career.

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Member Spotlight: Hope Winter

For our December Member Spotlight, meet Hope Winter. A 22-year-old Singer Songwriter from South London. A champion for getting young people into music. A voice you’ll never forget. Her latest single 'The One' is a step away from her past of traditional ballad-maker, and into a new sonic soundscape which highlights her growth as a songwriter and musician.

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Member Spotlight: Xia Leon Sloane

For our August edition of the member spotlight, we speak to Xia Leon Sloane – a young yet already accomplished composer, about the premier performance of their composition ‘In pearls of æther’ at the Cheltenham music festival.

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