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Introducing TagMix

Ahead of Ivors Week, we had a chat with Andy Dean, CEO at TagMix - one of the sponsors at our Behind The Songs: Youth Council Showcase event at Amazing Grace.

TagMix and Ivors Week logos

TagMix is a proprietary software solution that has been created to give music fans the best possible video experience at live music events.

Hi Andy! I know you’ve attended the Ivors previously. Can you share any memorable moments? 

As a songwriter and producer the Ivors were always the most prestigious awards ceremony as they truly celebrate the art-form of music making, so just missing out two years running on the biggest radio record of the year award, coming second to Oasis and George Michael when we had Gabriel ‘Give Me A Little More Time’ and Texas ‘Say What You Want’ in the running was gutting!

Any new music you are listening to at the moment and enjoying?

Loving Sam Ryder – looking forward to seeing him in conversation and all the other talent on the Amazing Grace event line up.

So — can you tell us a little bit about TagMix and how you came up with the idea?  

TagMix is an app, that replaces poor quality phone audio, captured when people make a 30 second videos at concerts, clubs and festivals, direct from the artist on stage.

We were running a festival in Ibiza and recording all the sets for the artists on stage and everybody was in the audience on their phones filming  the artist, then posting dreadful sounding videos on social media.  We thought to ourselves there has got to be a solution for this, can we not put the audio we’ve just captured from the artists mixing desk on those videos and that’s how the idea was born and we sat about solving the problem and came up with TagMix.

How do you think your solution will benefit songwriters and composers? 

They will get content that is truly representative of their art form as opposed to dreadful sounding videos that doesn’t do anybody any justice. The videos TagMix create carry links to further discover more music from the artist and encourage engagement and activity across social media channels with quality products. We truly believe it is the future of content sharing

What does the rest of 2022 have in store for the TagMix team? 

After the success of signing with Warner and Sony 2022 is going to be a big year for TagMix as we work though their artists roster and deploy TagMix at their concerts to deliver premium content for all promotional and marketing channels on the digital space.

Thanks Andy and TagMix for supporting Ivors Week and we are looking forward to seeing you on Monday 16th May at Amazing Grace. FINAL TICKETS


Photo of Andy Dean, CEO of TagMix

Andy Dean, CEO of TagMix


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