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UK Disability History Month at The Ivors Academy

We're championing UK Disability History Month with a number of activities running between 18 November - 20 December.

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Historic PRS for Music governance reform approved

The Ivors Academy is pleased that the package of PRS governance reform has been approved.

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The Ivors Academy announce nominations for The Ivors 2020

The Ivors Academy has announced the nominations for The Ivors with Apple Music for 2020, across seven categories for songs, albums, film, television and video game scores.

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The Ivors Academy and IMPF, the Independent Music Publishers International Forum enter into new alliance

The alliance will create closer and stronger working relationships between music creators in the UK and Ireland, and worldwide independent music publishers.

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Social distancing central to new Government guidelines for the music sector

The Government has announced that from 11th July in England, outdoor live performances to socially distanced audiences will be allowed to restart.

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The Ivors Academy and the Musicians’ Union warn that a new wave of buyout deals damage composers’ rights and careers

The Ivors Academy and the Musicians’ Union have warned that a new partnership between Epidemic Sound and Adobe is part of a concerning trend to undermine the ability of composers to make a living through royalties.

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Brian Willey pays tribute to Dame Vera Lynn

Academy member and former Chair of the Songwriters Committee Brian Willey reflects on former Gold Badge recipient Dame Vera Lynn.

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The Ivors Academy responds to BEIS Select Committee inquiry into the impact of coronavirus on businesses and workers

We are calling on the Government to take a number of necessary actions to support the music-creating business in recovering from the crisis.

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The Ivors Academy CEO Graham Davies calls for fundamental review of streaming market

As The Ivors Academy and Musicians’ Union form the Keep Music Alive alliance as part of an effort to bring about change, Graham Davies, CEO of The Ivors Academy, urges the industry to ‘fix streaming'.

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