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Values & Mission

We are united in our belief in the power of music and the brilliance of its creators. Our strategy is built on our fundamental purpose of representing these composers and songwriters, and protecting their rights so that they can continue to create their art.

We support, celebrate and nurture the craft of our composer and songwriter members. Their talent creates the music that the world loves. We protect their rights, and collectively strive to take their talent beyond all horizons.

Our Mission

To support, protect and celebrate music creators in the UK.

Our Values

Our values permeate all we do, and everything we do is driven towards achieving our goals.

Since our beginnings, our membership has broadened in many ways, and will continue to. We make room for new genres to grow alongside established ones, and support creators from the start of their career to the top.

In spirit, with our time, with our experience. Ours is a community with a strong familial bond and collaborative ethos. We welcome new members with open arms, and love seeing all our creators succeed.

Our members are part of a wider industry of talented people. We are driven and determined to continue to strive for their rights and skills to be recognised, and to create an environment where they can continue to thrive.

We take great pride in our work and our role as representatives of our members and their art. We love what we do and recognise the responsibility to do it well.

As champions of music creators, we have three pillars of activity: celebrating, campaigning and cultivating.

We campaign together nationally and internationally to ensure that the rights of our members are protected, now and tomorrow.

Through our awards – The Ivors and The Ivors Composer Awards – we recognise the power and brilliance of music creators.

We deliver a programme of events and resources for our members to share their insights and expertise, and continue to develop their craft, collaborate with one another, and find new sources of inspiration.


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