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Our team

We have a dedicated, passionate and talented team at The Ivors Academy, and across our Board and Committees. Meet them all here.

Graham Davies, CEO, The Ivors Academy
Graham Davies CEO
Fran Matthews, Director of Awards and Membership, The Ivors Academy.
Fran Matthews Director of Awards
Cindy Truong, Awards Manager, The Ivors Academy.
Cindy Truong Awards Manager
Tilly Flynn Awards Administrator
Nicky Carder Membership Manager
Tareic Alphonse, Personal Assistant to CEO and Chair, The Ivors Academy. Photo Credit: Dave Brown
Tareic Alphonse Membership Administrator
Anna Reich, Member Events and Marketing Coordinator, The Ivors Academy.
Anna Brown Marketing & Communications Manager
Julia Rowan Policy Coordinator
Wesley John, Academic Partnerships Coordinator, The Ivors Academy. Photo Credit: Dave Brown
Wesley John Equality, Diversity & Inclusion Manager
Phil Budden, Finance Manager, The Ivors Academy. Photo Credit: Dave Brown
Phil Budden Head of Finance & HR
Cathy Mulloy Events Manager
Maria McMillan Office Coordinator
Mark Taylor Director of Membership, Marketing and Communications
Crispin Hunt, Chair of The Ivors Academy
Crispin Hunt Chair

Crispin was elected Chair of the Academy in July 2016.

Helienne Lindvall
Helienne Lindvall Board Director

Helienne is also Chair of the Academy’s Songwriter Committee.

Orphy Robinson MBE Board Director

Orphy is also Chair of the Academy’s Jazz Committee.

Jo Thomas
Jo Thomas Board Director
Marc Sylvan
Marc Sylvan Board Director

Marc also sits on the Academy’s Media Committee.

Martyn Ware
Martyn Ware Board Director
William Sweeney
William Sweeney Board Director
Paul Hartnoll
Paul Hartnoll Board Director
Gary Carpenter
Gary Carpenter Board Director

Gary is also Chair of the Academy’s Classical Committee.

Stephen McNeff
Stephen McNeff Board Director

Stephen also sits on the Academy’s Classical Committee.

Mark Ayres
Mark Ayres Board Director

Mark is also Chair of the Academy’s Media Committee.

Emily Saunders
Emily Saunders Board Director

Emily also sits on the Academy’s Jazz Committee.

Emma McClarkin
Emma McClarkin Independent Board Director
Julia Montero
Julia Montero Independent Board Director
Gary Carpenter
Gary Carpenter Chair
Sally Beamish Committee Member
Alexander Campkin
Alexander Campkin Committee Member
Adam Gorb
Adam Gorb Committee Member
Daniel Kidane
Daniel Kidane Committee Member
Nicola LeFanu
Nicola LeFanu Committee Member
Stephen McNeff
Stephen McNeff Committee Member
Paul Patterson
Paul Patterson Committee Member
Lynne Plowman
Lynne Plowman Committee Member
Jenni Roditi
Jenni Roditi Committee Member
Dobrinka Tabakova
Dobrinka Tabakova Committee Member
Shirley Thompson
Shirley Thompson Committee Member
Orphy Robinson MBE Chair
Fini Bearman
Fini Bearman Committee Member
Paula Gardiner Committee member
Tom Haines
Tom Haines Committee Member
Tom Hewson
Tom Hewson Committee Member
Ivo Neame
Ivo Neame Committee Member
Ed Puddick
Ed Puddick Committee Member
Emily Saunders
Emily Saunders Committee Member
Jason Yarde
Jason Yarde Committee Member
Cassie Kinoshi Committee Member
Tim Garland Committee Member
Soweto Kinch Committee Member
Mark Ayres
Mark Ayres Chair
Mat Andasun
Mat Andasun Committee Member
Nainita Desai
Nainita Desai Committee Member
Paul Farrer
Paul Farrer Committee Member
Mark Gordon
Mark Gordon Committee Member
Richard Jacques
Richard Jacques Committee Member
Rob Lord
Rob Lord Committee Member
David Lowe
David Lowe Committee Member
Dan McGrath
Dan McGrath Committee Member
Kevin Sargent
Kevin Sargent Committee Member
Marc Sylvan
Marc Sylvan Committee Member
Tess Tyler
Tess Tyler Committee Member
Helienne Lindvall
Helienne Lindvall Chair
Jim Duguid
Jim Duguid Committee Member
Iain Archer
Iain Archer Committee Member
Joel Baker
Joel Baker Committee Member
Fiona Bevan
Fiona Bevan Committee Member
Amanda Ghost
Amanda Ghost Committee Member
Jake Gosling
Jake Gosling Committee Member
Tom Gray
Tom Gray Committee Member
Victoria Horn
Victoria Horn Committee Member
Anna Neale
Anna Neale Committee Member
Emily Phillips
Emily Phillips Committee Member
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