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The Ivors Academy will observe Blackout Tuesday

The Ivors Academy will observe Blackout Tuesday on 2nd June. We will use this time to reflect and work on our role as a community and professional association promoting equal opportunities and challenging injustices.

“We stand with the African American community in solidarity at this time of great pain and turmoil.

Nothing can ever justify racism, and until we can all join forces to speak out, while actively seeking solutions to dismantle the mindsets that hold one person’s perceived privilege superior over another person’s very existence, nothing of substance will ever change.

These relentless injustices, bigotry and prejudice, will continue to shield, sustain and uphold the unfair power structures that black people around the world face daily.

We intend to not stay silent as this can be just as damaging as both the physical and mental scars that have historically disenfranchised, marginalised and terrorised black communities, while deliberately holding back any real progress towards creating a better, equal and fairer society for all.

We must all actively be anti-racist in our words and deeds.

We as an organisation will always condemn the actions that explicitly do not protect and serve all regardless of race.

We will seek solutions through meaningful dialogue, so that sooner rather than later, we can all breathe.”

– Orphy Robinson MBE
Board Director of The Ivors Academy


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