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The Ivors Academy responded to DCMS Select Committee inquiry into the impact of Covid-19 on DCMS sectors

We are calling on Government to take immediate action to support its creative sectors, and music creators in particular, in order to contain the devastating impact of the current crisis.

A report by the Creative Industries Federation has shown how the UK is undergoing a “cultural catastrophe”: 400,000 creative jobs could be lost, and the UK creative industries are projected to lose £1.4 billion a week in revenue in 2020.

Cultural sectors, and music in particular, have been hit hard by the pandemic. Music creators have been impacted by the closure of the live music sector, with income from touring and public performance royalties disappearing overnight.

Closure of other businesses, such as restaurants and hairdressers, will also cause a significant reduction in royalties previously derived from the use of music on behalf of those businesses. Songwriting, producing and recording sessions have been cancelled or deferred, and the demand for new compositions is at an all time low.

Government support and industry-specific hardship funds have enabled many to survive the initial emergency. However, we have reiterated that Government must ensure that its support Schemes take into account in their duration the challenges faced by the creative sector in going back to normal, even when social distancing measures are eased. Further, we called on Government to amend some of the Schemes, as many self-employed music creators are still falling through the gaps of available support.

In addition to providing support via existing Schemes, Government actions necessary to promote recovery of the music creation sector include:

Establishing of a cultural fund, with coordination across the UK nations, to include:

  • On-going financial support for venues and orchestras as live music returns and while physical distancing is in place. Support should include financial packages to provide tax relief, stimulus and investment.
  • Particularly, funding to replace Box Office income until such time as audience figures recover will be crucial, caveated by a commitment on behalf of event organisers to play works by living British composers.
  • Stimulus of television, games, film and theatre industries, which will positively impact on music creators as new works are commissioned.
  • Funding and support for the BBC and commercial radio stations, which play a critical role supporting music and new compositions.

A review of the broken streaming market.

Continued Government championing of the music sector – and our talented songwriters and composers – internationally to promote the UK and attract inward investment.

Review of the 14 day quarantine measures, led by scientific advice to prioritise public health, and introduction of measures to allow easy travel across Europe – such as the Touring Passport – to support UK musicians performing at European events.

Scientific advice on health measures specifically relating to the music industry; in particular wind and brass orchestras, singers and open-air venues such as stadiums.


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