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Welcome to the members area of The Ivors Academy website. Here you'll find content exclusively for members, including downloads and discounts.
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Simkins LLP Legal Seminar exclusively for Ivors Academy Members

Legal seminar tailored for The Ivors Academy's songwriting membership including multidisciplinary music creators

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Bullying and Harassment Helpline

Bullying and Harassment Helpline for the UK music industry provides immediate support for those in need

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Mentoring in Music: A DIY Guide

Providing mentoring opportunities for members is really important to The Ivors Academy. In addition to applying for the Co-Pilot Network, there are plenty of other ways music creators can benefit from mentoring opportunities throughout the year. Bedroom Indie and UK Music have published a great guide to spotting and making the most of mentoring opportunities.

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Songwriters’ Fee & Master Point Guidelines

The document serves as a collection of best practices and delegates' testimonies of 3 ECSA member organisations: DPA (Denmark), The Ivors Academy (UK) and VERSO (Germany).

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Music Copyright Explained

‘Music Copyright Explained’ is a free user-friendly guide to how music copyright works in the UK.

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5 Golden Rules Of Songwriting – From Steve Mac

On 2 September 2020 The Ivors Academy named Steve Mac Songwriter of the Year 2019 at The Ivors. Here are his 5 Golden Rules Of Songwriting.

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Funding for Music Creators

The Ivors Academy has provided a number of links, guides and videos are listed to help music creators access funding.

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Coronavirus Advice

To support our community of music creators we have gathered together relevant advice and information from the Academy, the music industry and Government.  We will continue updating this page as the situation develops. 

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Music Creator Wellbeing Webinar with Michael J McEvoy

This webinar was hosted by Ivor Novello Award nominated composer, producer and performer Michael J McEvoy, who explored the challenges of being a freelance creator during times of change, providing an insight on how he has adapted his music practices in his evolving career, and shared advice on building resilience, staying motivated and looking after your health.

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