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Commissioning Music for Screen Event

On 19 November The Ivors Academy held a sold-out evening panel session that started a series of events designed to explore the changing landscape for composers for screen.

Moderated by acclaimed composer and Chair of The Ivors Academy Media Committee Mark Ayres, the Academy welcomed Sky Music’s Peter Bradbury, BBC Studios’ Dominic Walker, Netflix’s Dominic Houston, BBC Music Copyright’s Nicky Bignell and Manner McDade’s Harriet Moss. In attendance were many members of The Ivors Academy, representatives of MCPS, PRS, the MU and other broadcasters.

The panel discussed the differing models used by broadcasters and platforms to commission composers. The rights that would have featured in contract negotiations in the past are changing with concerns being raised about the future of the back-end royalties and how composers will be able to sustain their careers in future. A key outcome of the event was the need for increased education and dialogue between the composing and commissioning communities with general interest in the creation of new codes of practice and guides to commissioning. The key issues and discussion will continue to be steered by the Academy’s Media Committee.

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