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Coronavirus – FAQ’s for The Ivors Academy members

Frequently asked questions for members and the creator community

Where can I get advice as a music creator?

We have published a centralised resource on our website which can be found here ivorsacademy.com/coronavirus

The Ivors Academy has also teamed up with a number of UK Music trade organisations and charities to support music creators during this difficult time. Please refer to coronamusicians.info for further information

Is the office at The Ivors Academy still open?

The Ivors Academy office is currently closed, all members of staff are working remotely and will be responding to emails as normal. If you have a query please use the contact us form. If you would like to speak to a member of the team please call The Ivors Academy office number on 020 7636 2929 and leave a message.We will call you back as soon as possible.

Department emails:
General enquiries contact@ivorsacademy.com
Membership team memberservices@ivorsacademy.com
Awards team awards@ivorsacademy.com

I am self-employed, my future work has been cancelled and I’m concerned I won’t be able to pay my rent, what should I do?

The UK Government announced Emergency legislation to suspend new evictions from social or private rented accommodation while this national emergency is taking place, including no new possession proceedings through applications to the court to start during the crisis with landlords also protected with 3 month mortgage payment holiday including Buy to Let mortgages. The advice is that landlords and tenants will then be expected to work together to establish an affordable repayment plan which should take into account tenants’ individual circumstances.

The Ivors Academy understand that being able to pay bills will be difficult to many people during this time, for members whose queries have not been answered on this page or the website coronamusicians.info please contact memberservices@ivorsacademy.com

I employ others, is there somewhere I can get advice?

Lewis Silkin have published a Covid 19 – Coronavirus Hub on its website for businesses, this covers information such as entitlement of pay and FAQs for employers. This may be of interest if you employ others.  The UK Government has information for both individuals and businesses on their advice page www.gov.uk/coronavirus

Will I receive my PRS distribution on time?

PRS for Music updated its membership on the 16th March to advise that the 15th April PRS distribution will go ahead as planned. For the latest advice for PRS, please refer to the PRS for Music press area of the website or login to your account.

Will The Ivors Academy be offering opportunities for members to engage online?

Yes, The Ivors Academy are currently looking to increase member engagement opportunities online and are planning webinars and increased member content. We will be updating members in our weekly newsletters and on social media.

Will my membership subscription freeze during the Covid-19 lockdown?

Rather than freezing membership we are working on additional content and benefits to support our members during this time. We will update members with further details as soon as possible. We are also in dialogue with legal firms and our partner insurance company music insurance brokers regarding member queries. If you have any queries about your membership or require advice, please email the membership team memberservices@ivorsacademy.com

Are recording studios still open?

The current Government advice is to stay at home and to only go outside for food, health reasons or essential work. Whilst travelling to a recording studio is not an option, there will be many studio engineers available to work remotely.

What financial support is there for music creators during this time?

The Government have updated financial measures for both the employed and self-employed. The Ivors Academy are aware this is a very difficult time for self-employed creators and are working closely with UK Music to ensure the Government are making considerations for music creators. For more information on current Government advice and to find out which music charities and funds offer support during financial hardship, please visit: coronamusicians.info/#money-worries

As a member of The Ivors Academy, you are also entitled to a free consultation with Prager Metis for financial advice, full details available on the members area of The Ivors Academy website.

For specific Covid-19 advice, Pell Artists Accountants have provided business support with financial calculator, risk assessment advice and cash flow forecast template which can be accessed here. 

Do The Ivors Academy offer legal advice?

We work closely with a number of legal firms to provide advice to our members. We have been in dialogue with these firms around what additional support they are able to offer during the Covid-19 outbreak. In addition to music queries, some firms are offering advice concerning property leases and employment. If you have any queries, please contact memberservices@ivorsacademy.com

Will my member insurance package be affected by Covid-19?

Members of The Ivors Academy receive equipment insurance of up to £2000 and public liability insurance for up to 200 capacity venues as part of their membership benefits. We have been advised by our insurer that the Covid-19 coronavirus outbreak should not impact the current policy.

Are there any insurance packages available which cover loss of earnings as a result of Covid-19?

Our insurers have advised that there aren’t any new insurance packages available to cover loss of earnings as a result of Covid-19 at this time. If you have any questions regarding insurance, please contact memberservices@ivorsacademy.com

Are tickets for The Ivors still valid for the rescheduled date on the 2nd September 2020?

Yes, your ticket will automatically be valid for the ceremony on 2 September – we have contacted each ticket holder direct but if you haven’t heard from us and you purchased a ticket prior to 20 March, get in touch by emailing awards@ivorsacademy.com

What happens if I can no longer attend The Ivors?

Please get in touch with the Awards Team by contacting awards@ivorsacademy.com

I haven’t got my ticket to The Ivors yet but I am still interested in attending, when do I need to purchase my ticket by?

Tickets are on sale until we sell out. As such we recommend you purchase tickets as early as possible. The ticket application form is available here.

Will The Ivors Composer Awards been affected by The Ivors’ date change?

The Ivors Composer Awards will still be presented on 1 December at the British Museum. More details, including the public call for entries, will follow soon.



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