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AR Rahman, Andrew Lloyd Webber, Jimmy Napes, Shaznay Lewis, Harmony Samuels, Wretch 32, DYO and Sam Tompkins are just some of the renowned music creators who joined Ivors Week 2023 to celebrate songwriters.

Ivors Week is a huge celebration of songwriters and screen composers, supporting our Trust and their work to help music creators overcome the barriers they may face. Your craft, creativity and hard work deserve recognition. Ivors Week is all about championing what you do.
From charting fifty years of hip hop to our first Ivors Week conference, a fundraiser at the London Palladium and celebrating the highest achievements in songwriting and screen composition at The Ivors, I hope that there’s something for all, so please get involved.Tom Gray, Chair of The Ivors Academy

2023 Events

Celebrating 50 years of Hip Hop

+44 Podcast hosts Zeze Millz and Sideman will be in conversation with Wretch 32, DYO, JP Patterson and Michael Adex.

The discussion will centre on hip hop’s evolution, highlighting the genre’s importance throughout UK history, its impact on society and culture, the songwriting and lyrics, and what the future holds.

Listen to the full episode on Amazon Music on Friday 19th May.

The Ivors Songs Lives at the London Palladium.

The Other Songs Live

The Other Songs and The Ivors Academy will host the biggest live performance-based celebration of songwriting ever, with performances from iconic composers including Andrew Lloyd WebberA R RahmanDave Stewart and more.

Ivors Week Conference powered by TheWRD

Our first Ivors Week Conference will bring together songwriters, creators and the music industry.

Learn about getting credited for your songs, having a fulfilling career as a songwriter and the impact of algorithms, plus meet the team behind the songs.

The Ivors with Amazon Music

The Ivors with Amazon Music celebrates creative excellence by British and Irish songwriters and screen composers. It is one of the most loved and respected moments in music.

Tune into the livestream on the Amazon Music UK’s Twitch channel from 11:30am BST.


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