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Ethics Committee

The Ethics Committee manages a set of ethical standards and supports the development of Equality, Diversity and Inclusion strategy including a framework focussing on inclusion, anti-discrimination, anti-racism, anti-hate speech, and a forum for addressing grievance complaints and broader conduct issues of members and staff.

The Committee exists to:

  • Review the Academy’s values, Code of Conduct and EDI and disciplinary HR policies to ensure relevance with the current climate and tensions from time to time.
  • Review the rules and processes governing membership, entry, nomination and receipt of Ivors Academy awards and honours to ensure that all recipients in future have clear responsibilities for upholding the appropriate standards of values and behaviours of the Academy.
  • Review and amend values and codes of behaviour to establish a clear ethical framework for members and staff from time to time
    Develop a guide supporting the ethical framework to guide the Academy on cases when an award or honour should or should not be rescinded.
  • Undertake a review of current and past recipients of awards and honours against the ethical framework to advise on which awards should and should not be rescinded.
  • Support the establishment and progress of the Academy’s Equality, Diversity & Inclusion strategy.
  • Provide a forum and process for dealing with complaints about members and staff, and breaches of the Code of Conduct.
  • Provide guidance as and when required on individual cases.

The Ethics Committee operates a confidential submission system:

Raise your query, concern or issue using our online form

Or you can email ethics@ivorsacademy.com

Or send by post to Charlene Brown, Chair of the Ethics Committee, The Ivors Academy, 1 Upper James St, London, W1F 9DE.


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