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Welcome to our newest Youth Network Partner The London College of Creative Media

Our Equality, Diversity & Inclusion Manager Wesley John makes the first of a handful of visits to speak with LCCM music creator students and tour their state-of-the-Art facilities.

A short stroll from The Ivors Academy’s office at The Ministry, I turned into Union Street and was stopped in my tracks by the impressive ‘Music Box’ building – a stone’s throw from the equally impressive arts organisation Jerwood Space. Greeted by JD Donovan (Music Industry Liaison), we made our way into the bowls of LCCM’s impressive new home to the aptly named space ‘The Venue’, to start the afternoon’s session.

Topics covered were an essential overview of who we are and what we do at The Ivors Academy, our history, our campaigning work, our members, our awards, and the wider music industry, with helpful insights into protecting creators rights and monetising creativity and how essential it is to be proactive, even at this early stage. After a brief Q&A, my tour began. Moving around the campus and darting from lecture room to recording studios and performance spaces, I spoke with several talented and engaged young creators who are now all signed-up to The Ivors Academy Youth Network.

It was an inspiring afternoon and a great opportunity to get a real sense of this vibrant teaching and learning environment and the tailor-made spaces that enhance the creativity that is generated at LCCM. I look forward to working with JD Donovan, making several return visits to speak with LCCM students and participating in their events, especially collaborating on the successful ‘Box Talks’ throughout 2020.

As a Youth Network Partner, LCCM can nominate one student under the age of 25 to take a seat on our Youth Network Council. I look forward to meeting their representative and working with the collective talent of the Ivors Academy Youth Council.

I would like to thank JD Donovan and Roddy Matthews (Module Leader – Songwriting) at LCCM for inviting The Ivors Academy on campus.


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