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Show your support for the Copyright Directive – Here’s how to get involved

As the Copyright Directive reaches the final few stages of its journey, it is crucial that creators continue to support the campaign to ensure this essential piece of new policy is adopted.

Currently there are three versions of the directive, the original one drafted by the European Commission in 2016 and the significantly amended versions passed by the European Parliament and the EU Council last year. Talks between these three groups, known as the Trialogue, have been put in place to agree on one amended version of the text, ahead of a final vote in Parliament set to go ahead between February and April.

Despite strong opposition from the tech industry, we are urging our members and the community to actively support our campaigning work to help send powerful messages in favour of creators. BASCA is working closely with the European Composer and Songwriter Alliance (ECSA) and multiple organisations across Europe backing the directive, including France’s Union of Authors and Composers (UNAC) on an ‘ERROR 404, CREATORS NOT FOUND’ campaign running online and across social media. To get involved, just follow these four simple steps (you can see examples below):

  1. Take a picture of yourself holding a tablet, laptop or phone displaying the image message “ERROR 404, CREATORS NOT FOUND” above, referring to the absence of content error. If you are unable to insert the 404 ERROR on the screen of your device, it will be inserted in post-treatment of the picture
  2. Send the picture with your name, function/job and the location to contact@unac.infoalessandra.callegari@composeralliance.org and marc.dumoulin@composeralliance.org
  3. UNAC and ECSA will then publish it, using several hashtags such as #noCreatorsNoInternet, #createyourinternet, #SaYestothe#CopyrightDirective, as well as tagging various MEPs from the countries corresponding to the picture
  4. Get creative! Showcase a well-known place, such as a famous monument or square in your photo

For the latest news and updates on the developments of the Copyright Directive visit https://www.article13.org/


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