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Nominee category: Sound Art

Composed by Magz Hall for WASP synth and location recordings from the Irish Sea and Canterbury Garden 11 mins commissioned for the Aerial/Sparks Arts Trail on Innis Orr curated by Louise Manifold for Galway 2020 European Capital of Culture 2020 funded by the Irish Arts Council and The Irish Marine Institute A radiophonic work that […]

Composed by Ed Hughes for chamber orchestra 30 mins listen on Apple Music The Cuckmere Soundwalk was launched in September 2020 by the composer for the ECHOES interactive soundwalks App. This App uses geo-location to enable users to enjoy site-specific walking experiences with immersive sound and music. Cuckmere Haven is an area of flood plains […]

Composed by Nikki Sheth field recordings of crepuscular and nocturnal wildlife in the UK 6 mins commissioned by Land Lines Project listen on SoundCloud This soundscape piece reveals the hidden sounds of nocturnal wildlife in the UK in order to bring a wider awareness of environmental sound and to preserve and archive sounds of the […]

Composed by Caroline Kraabel for baritone, alto and sopranino saxophones, double bass and film 39 mins The film started as 40 minutes of shots of London during the first UK Covid 19 Lockdown (the strict phase of which began on 23 March 2020). These were taken on my phone during permitted exercise (cycling). The shots […]

Composed by Nwando Ebizie for piano, voice and electronics with field recordings 38 mins commissioned by Radiophrenia and Supernormal Festival listen on SoundCloud An experimental listening journey for static listener inspired by Borgesian labyrinths. A ritual for the artist and the listener. The piece incorporates binaural field recordings, interviews, piano, sampling, poetry, storytelling. It is […]

Composed by Kathy Hinde bespoke vinyl, objects, live electronics, field recordings and video projections 30 mins listen on Soundcloud watch Kathy talk about the piece on YouTube and see her acceptance speech here

Composed by Olivia Louvel electroacoustic resounding of a 1961 recording of Barbara Hepworth’s voice 35 mins commissioned by Resonance Extra – Resonance FM listen on Vimeo watch Olivia talk about the piece on YouTube

Composed by Khyam Allami oud, 16-piece string section and SATB chorus 38 mins commissioned by Opera North

Composed by Caroline Devine abstract vocal fragments, synthesizers and electronic instruments, field recordings and voices 24 mins commissioned by Brave New Worlds Theatre Company listen on Bandcamp watch Caroline talk about the piece on YouTube

Composed by Sophie Cooper vocal and trombone recordings edited and manipulated for the Huddersfield Immersive Sound System 15 mins commissioned by Huddersfield Contemporary Music Festival (hcmf//) listen on Bandcamp watch Sophie talk about the piece on YouTube

Composed by Neil Luck for table soloist and narrator, orchestra, electric guitar, voice, viola, choir, video, tape and audience 15 minutes commissioned by London Contemporary Music Festival for more information click here

Composed by James Hamilton for live triggers and synth with field recordings and manipulated live audio 35 minutes commissioned by FACT Liverpool for more information visit FACT

Composed by Martin Green for orchestra, chorus, accordion, voice, bass guitar, electronics with field recordings and voices 36 minutes commissioned by Opera North for more information visit Opera North

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