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Nominee category: Sonic Art

Composed by Magz Hall Transmitter embedded into an oak tree relays the tree’s reactions to light, motion and moisture via sensors and probes. Commissioned by Yorkshire Sculptural Park

Composed by Claudia Molitor Located on the train journey between London St Pancras and Margate offering sounds and voices for the otherwise silent view from the train Curated and produced by Electra in partnership with Turner Contemporary and the British Library

Composed by Hanna Tuulikki Vocal and gestural suite Commissioned by Edinburgh Arts Festival

Composed by Sam Salem for 3 object operators, tape & video 12 minutes commissioned by Distractfold Ensemble watch on vimeo

Composed by Kathy Hinde light and sound installation for outdoor public spaces originally commissioned by Kidderminster Arts Festival 2015, with development and sound commissioned by Cryptic 2016 for more information visit Cryptic

Composed by Hanna Tuulikki solo performance-to-camera vocal improvisation 8 minutes watch on vimeo

Cevanne Horrocks-Hopayian, Composer

Composed by Cevanne Horrocks-Hopayian & Hugh Jones (Crewdson & Cevanne) for voices, lever harp, and found sounds performed on custom midi controllers: the Sonic Bonnet, Concertronica & the Oddbox 3 minutes listen on Apple Music

Rolf Wallin, Composer

Composed by Rolf Wallin for 4 double bell (optional) brass instruments, live electronics, 4 dancers 60 minutes commissioned by Ultima Contemporary Music Festival, Oslo for more information visit Chester Music

Emily Peasgood, Composer

Composed by Emily Peasgood multichannel, synchronised and interactive sound installation, coded with C and created with: custom-built computer, ultrasonic sensors, and marine speakers in custom-made memorial urn housing commissioned by Folkestone Triennial / Creative Foundation, Folkestone listen on Soundcloud


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