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Nominee category: Best Chamber Ensemble Composition

composed by William Marsey for chamber ensemble 11mins commissioned by Oliver Zeffman listen on Amazon Music, Apple Music, Spotify and YouTube Music for more information and to view the score click here

composed by Luke Bedford for 14 players and percussion soloist 20mins commissioned by Philharmonia Orchestra published in the UK by Universal Edition

composed by Thomas Adès for mezzo-soprano and piano sextet 17mins commissioned by IMS Prussia Cove with the support of the Ernst von Siemens Music Foundation; with additional support from The Nicholas Berwin Charitable Trust and The Fidelio Charitable Trust; The Nicholas Boas Charitable Trust, Jonathan Gaisman, Gilbert and Helen McCabe, The Overli Foundation, The Martin […]

composed by Hannah Kendall for chamber ensemble 12mins published in the UK by G Ricordi, Universal Music Publishing

composed by Jasper Dommett for chamber ensemble 13mins listen on SoundCloud for more information click here


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