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Members of The Ivors Academy now receive free and discounted entry for The Ivors Classical Awards

In a change to the terms of entry, members of The Ivors Academy can now submit work for The Ivors Classical Awards without an administrative fee.  

Ivor Novello statuettes at The Ivors Composer Awards 2022 Ivor Novello statuettes at The Ivors Composer Awards 2022

Professional tier members can now enter up to two works for The Ivors Classical Awards with no fee, and a third work with a 50% discount at £12. Standard members can enter one work for free and two further works with a 25% discount at £18 per work. If a composer is not a member, the fee is £24 per work.  

This decision follows feedback from members concerned about the impact of introducing the fee at the beginning of 2023.  

Lloyd Coleman, Chair of The Ivors Academy Classical Council said, “At a time when classical and sound arts composers are facing increasing pressure as funding is withdrawn, our Classical Council and The Ivors Academy are committed to doing everything we can to support. When the community raise concerns we are here to listen and act whenever we can.” 

Fran Matthew, Director of Awards at The Ivors Academy said, “Foremost, Ivor Novello awards are a celebration of our composing and songwriting community. Judged and presented by music creators to their peers, it is this collegiate recognition that makes them so special. It is clear that removing the member fee is an important way to support our classical and sound art community.”  

Members that have already paid to enter work for The Ivors Classical Awards 2023 will be contacted regarding refunds. Membership bursaries are available through The Ivors Academy Trust if composers are facing financial barriers to join the Academy. 

To make sure that members benefit, free and discounted entry will only apply when work is entered by the composer and not by a third party. Members should contact awards@ivorsacademy.com so we can check your membership-type and provide the correct discount code. Enter work for The Ivors Classical Awards by 5pm on Friday 14th July.  

Find out about becoming a member of The Ivors Academy. 



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