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Ivors Academy 2023 pay gap data published

The data shows a continuing pay gap in favour of women and an ethnicity gay gap which has reduced for the third year in a row. By all measures, the Academy has lower pay gaps than national averages.

Group of composers

Our gender and ethnicity pay gap reporting is based on 18 members of staff in December 2023. The Government requires companies who have over 250 employees to publish gender pay gap data and in January 2024 the Women and Equalities Committee recommended that music industry companies with over 100 employees should be required to publish data about the diversity of their workforce, and gender and ethnicity pay gaps. 

Our gender pay gap is –8% mean (14.3% national average) and -12% median (21.9% national average) 

Our ethnicity paygap is 13.53% mean (18.76% national average) and 0.42% median (5.6% national average). 

We asked staff to self-identify their gender and ethnicity. All staff identified as either male or female, which is reflected in the way that gender is compared and reported on. 

As there was not a full-time contracted Chief Executive in post at the end of 2023, all figures exclude CEO salary. In 2022 and 2021 we reported on pay with and without CEO pay, and these comparative figures will be re-introduced once a full-time CEO is appointed. 

Chart showing gender and ethnicity pay gaps for The Ivors Academy between 2021 and 2023


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