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Latest update on The Ivors 2020

The winners of Ivor Novello Awards will still be announced on 2 September, however the planned Grosvenor House London ceremony will no longer take place.

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The Ivors Academy opens submissions for The Ivors Composer Awards 2020

The Ivors Composer Awards recognise creative excellence in classical, jazz, and sound arts. Entries are open now until 16 July 2020.

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Celebrating songwriters this #WouldHaveBeenTheIvors day!

21 May sees celebration of songwriting on the day it would have been The Ivors with Apple Music.

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The Ivors 2020 Call for Entries Open

Songwriters and screen composers are invited to submit eligible works across song, album, film, television and video game categories.

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The Ivors Composer Awards Winners Announced

Celebrating the art of composition, presenting Ivor Novello Awards to composers in recognition of the best new works across contemporary classical, jazz and sound art.

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The Ivors Composer Awards 2019 Nominations Announced

We are delighted to reveal the nominations for The Ivors Composer Awards 2019.

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Our journey to strengthen diversity in our awards

Fran Matthews, Director of Awards & Membership, gives an insight into our Awards department's strategy to strengthen diversity

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Entries open for The Ivors Composer Awards 2019

We are delighted to announce that entries are now open for The Ivors Composer Awards 2019. Anyone, including the composer, can enter eligible works, and entries across all twelve award categories are judged anonymously.

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Winners Announced for The Ivors 2019

We are delighted to have announced the winners and recipients of Ivor Novello Awards presented at this year's The Ivors.

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