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Our exclusive series of guides will help you understand how to make money from your music and create a sustainable business.

Empowering Creators at All Stages

Every Career Builder Guides cover all the essential business and rights topics for music creators, at all career stages.

Demystifying the fundamentals of the industry, topics include:

  • Data & Music – learn how data and metadata ensures you get paid when your music is used
  • Contracts – types, uses and why you need them before starting work
  • Collective licensing – understand the basics of licensing and the role of Collective Management Organisations (CMOs)
  • Royalties – how they work, how they are collected and distributed, and the importance of registering your music with a CMO for accurate and timely royalty payments
  • Copyright – what copyright is and why it’s important to music creators, how it works in the UK and what you need to do to protect your rights

Each guide is accompanied with a detailed online session with top music industry lawyer and author of the guides, Charlie Phillips.

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