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Music Contracts: The Fundamentals

The Ivors Academy are hosting a member only contract fundamentals webinar specifically for Songwriters and Composers.

This webinar will cover an introduction to contracts, such as commissioning or publishing agreements, and the fundamentals you need to know as a Songwriter or Composer.
A contract is a legally binding agreement between at least two entities. Agreements of any kind usually contain a set of actions that each party agrees to do or agrees not to do. They can be fairly simple in principle. For example, I agree to write a piece of music and you agree to pay me to do it.
They can quickly become complicated when all aspects of the agreement are taken into account. For example, when and how do I deliver the music to you? What are you able to use the music for? Who keeps which rights? What happens if something goes wrong?

Join Charlie Phillips, a music industry lawyer who will lead the session and cover those pressing contract questions. Charlie is also the author of the new set of educational guides available to Ivors Academy members.

All webinars are free for members and available to watch again. Our last webinar on Copyright, explained how it is is the foundation of the music business, giving songwriters control over their music and how others can use it. Whether you’re just starting out or looking to take your career to the next level, The Ivors Academy’s Career Builder webinars and guides are valuable resources for music creators at every level.

This is a member only event – if you’re not yet a member join today.


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