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Member Social – LGBTQI+ History Month: Online Panel

An online panel of songwriters of the LGBTQI+ community talk on past experiences and how we can work to create a better industry.

In recognition LGBTQI+ history month, The Ivors Academy is delighted to host an online panel of accomplished songwriters of the LGBTQI+ community (to be announced), as they delve into their experiences working in the industry. Connect with the panellists as they answer questions from the audience, providing a space for LGBTQI+ people (and allies) to share stories and experiences and consider ways to improve the music industry. Hosted by our wonderful Early Career Council Co-Chairs and Board Members Lea G and Jorj Sabio!

Meet the Panellists…


MaJiKer is a songwriting coach, live performer, artist mentor and creative consultant known as The Song Doctor. In 2023, MaJiKer released ‘Aromantic Anthems’. As an under-represented and rarely discussed part of the LGBTQIA+ spectrum, this EP is an exploration of what it is to be aromantic and a celebration of love in its many diverse forms.

Jessica Lauren

Jessica Lauren (she/her) is a keyboard player and composer, with four albums to her name over the past 30 years plus countless collaborations. She is a trans woman who transitioned quietly on the job in 1989, and then came out more publicly again on Transgender Day of Visibility 2021 to represent and stand up against the current wave of transphobia we’re experiencing.

Ila Kamalagharan

ILĀ* is a multifaceted artist, producer and creative director creating some of the most unique and acclaimed music to emerge from the UK in recent years. Co-founder and director of the legendary London Contemporary Voices choir, working with over 20 Grammy winning artists including Alt-J, Imogen Heap and U2 as well as two BBC Proms, the Harry Potter Play soundtrack and several iconic fashion shows for designers such as Burberry and Tommy Hilfiger. ILĀ is also a member of the Icelandic band Hrím with Cherif Hashizume and Õsp Eldjārn. In Feb 2022 ILĀ co-founded Trans Voices – the UK’s first ever professional trans+ choir, debuting with a specially commissioned music documentary on Guardian Films – featuring in Roundhouse’s Beyond and Between season alongside Jean Paul Gaultier’s Fashion Freak Show.

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