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Group Coaching Session for Ivors Academy Members

Start off the New Year in confidence by joining a free group coaching taster session exclusively for members of The Ivors Academy. The online introductory event, facilitated by Mo Cohen, will introduce the benefits of coaching, and provide an opportunity to explore themes such as narrative transformation through group discussion.

Mo is a highly-experienced coach who has worked with a number of high-profile creatives, including Ivor Academy Senator Catherine Anne-Davies, to help them gain vital insight into their creative practice. The session is brought to you by ‘In the Blood’, a start-up organisation built around a small team of expert coaches, whose ethos is focussed on creativity, possibility and empowerment. Their approach is centred on narrative transformation coaching, which is rooted in research from philosophy, anthropology, literature and education. It also draws on contemporary findings from neuroscience, linguistics and the creative arts.

See the In The Blood website for further information about the organisation, as well as testimonials from clients.


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