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Composers Against Buyouts: Negotiation Skills for Media Composers

An online training seminar for media composers who want a better understanding of negotiation, and how to navigate the process.

As part of the Composers Against Buyouts campaign, the Ivors Academy and Musicians’ Union are hosting a training webinar to allow composers to better understand the process of negotiating, and how it can be used to improve commissioning deals. Many contracts may appear to be offered on a take-it-or-leave it basis, but often there is an opportunity for negotiation, albeit something that will only come about if a composer asks for it. Once in the negotiation process, composers can find themselves up against tough commissioners, and can accept unsatisfactory deals under duress.

This session will explore the skills needed to negotiate, ways to approach the process, the kind of language to use, and how to feel empowered and confident in negotiation situations.

Who this session is for:

This session is specifically for media composers, and the content will be based around the media commissioning landscape and media contracts. It will be useful for both new and more experienced media composers.

This is a free event for members of the Ivors Academy and/or the Musicians’ Union.


This will be a 4-hour interactive session (there will be a break for lunch), and participants will need to be available for the full duration. It won’t be recorded or available for playback purposes.

It is likely that this session will prove very popular, and therefore we’d appreciate you only booking a place if you’re able to attend, and subsequently letting us know if you no longer require the place. We’re hoping to hold another session in January for those who can’t attend this one.

For further information please contact writers@themu.org.


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