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Keep Music Alive

Let's fix streaming now.

Its’ time for a complete re-set of streaming

Streaming is quickly replacing radio as our main means of music listening. But the law has not kept up with the pace of technological change.

As a result, songwriters and performers are not paid fairly when their music is streamed. That’s why we’re campaigning with the MU, songwriters and artists to Fix Streaming and Keep Music Alive.

Help call on Government to re-set streaming

In a revolutionary report, a cross-party Select Committee of MPs has called for a “complete reset” of music streaming so that songwriters, composers and artists, who currently receive “pitiful returns”, are fairly rewarded.

This is thanks to you and almost 18,000 other songwriters, composers and performers, who called for a music streaming inquiry. They heard in detail how streaming is affecting songwriters, composers and performers.

We’re now calling on the Government to introduce the Committee’s recommendations in full and we need your help.

Write to your local MP by personalising and sending our template letter:

Dear [Find out who your MP is via Parliament UK],

I am a member of The Ivors Academy and a [professional songwriter/composer/artist…]

I am writing to say how pleased I am to see the recommendations made by the DCMS Select Committee report on music streaming. Musicians have been receiving a pittance from streaming for far too long and to hear the Select Committee say that music streaming needs a ‘complete reset’ is very welcome news for songwriters and performers.

As your local constituent I would like to request that you use your position to influence the Government to adopt the recommendations made by the Select Committee, in particular for Government to:

  • Refer the major music companies to the Competition and Markets Authority to undertake full market study into the economic impact of the major music companies’ dominance.
  • Implement copyright reform similar to what is contained in the European Copyright Directive, articles 17-22.
  • Undertake a review of how music metadata is administered, so it can benefit songwriters too, and require that Black Box unattributable royalties are distributed so that they support creative talent, particularly the so-called long tail.

Thank you in advance for your support of songwriters, composers and musicians in your constituency.

Yours sincerely

[Your name]

Support the campaign

Write to your MP then post to social media that you’re calling on them to support a complete re-set of streaming.

Remember to tag your MP and use the hashtags #FixStreaming and #KeepMusicAlive



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