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Keep Music Alive

Let's fix streaming now.

We are campaigning with the Musicians’ Union to Keep Music Alive through Covid-19 and create a music industry that works for music creators.

This is a time of crisis for tens of thousands of music creators. Songwriters, composers and performers have been hit hard. Gigs and commissions have been cancelled, festivals and performances postponed, and recording studios closed.

This crisis has brought the serious flaws of the music industry into sharp relief. Covid-19 has shone a light on the fact that composers, songwriters and some performers are unable to sustain their living from streaming royalties.

Let’s Keep Music Alive

The streaming model has been broken for years and it is getting worse. We must fix streaming now by building an equitable, sustainable and transparent model.

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  • Raise your voice to #KeepMusicAlive and #FixStreaming
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It’s time to #FixStreaming and #KeepMusicAlive. Sign the @IvorsAcademy + @WeAreTheMU petition now

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