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Keep Music Alive

Let's fix streaming now.


After months of campaigning the Government are holding an inquiry into streaming.

Find out how you can have your say.



We are campaigning with the Musicians’ Union to Keep Music Alive through Covid-19 and create a music industry that works for music creators.

This is a time of crisis for tens of thousands of music creators. Songwriters, composers and performers have been hit hard. Gigs and commissions have been cancelled, festivals and performances postponed, and recording studios closed.

This crisis has brought the serious flaws of the music industry into sharp relief. Covid-19 has shone a light on the fact that composers, songwriters and some performers are unable to sustain their living from streaming royalties.


The streaming model has been broken for years and it is getting worse. We must fix streaming now by building an equitable, sustainable and transparent model.

We have succeeded after months of campaigning with the MU and the Government is holding a review of streaming. Thank you to all 17,000 of you who signed our petition.

You can have your say by submitting evidence to the DCMS Select Committee inquiry into the economics of streaming by 6pm on Monday 16 November.


The more songwriters, composers, and performers who share their experiences, the more chance we have of our collective voice being heard. We’re up against some powerful interest groups who will argue that streaming is working– but we have the community of music and fans on our side.

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If you’re not sure what to say, here are some ideas to get you started:

  • I’ve given evidence to the @CommonsDCMS inquiry into music streaming. Have you? Answer their five questions before 6pm on Monday 16 November #FixStreaming #KeepMusicAlive
  • Please give evidence to the Digital, Culture, Media and Sport Select Committee inquiry. Together we can #FixStreaming and #KeepMusicAlive!
  • Are you thinking about sending something in to the Select Committee inquiry on music streaming? The Ivors Academy and Musicians’ Union have released a guide to answering the questions and key asks to #FixStreaming and #KeepMusicAlive

Remember to use the hashtags #FixStreaming and #KeepMusicAlive.



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