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Nominee category: Small Chamber

composed by Lara Agar for soprano and piano 13 mins commissioned by Juliet Fraser listen on SoundCloud

composed by Hannah Kendall for soprano, baritone and piano 15 mins commissioned by Leeds Lieder Festival, supported by Arts Council England listen to an excerpt on SoundCloud

composed by Laurence Crane for soprano and piano / sampler keyboard 50 mins commissioned by Juliet Fraser, with the support of Arts Council England’s National Lottery Project Grants, PRS Foundation’s The Open Fund for Music Creators and the RVW Trust, and co-commission partners Oxford Lieder and Musica Sacra Maastricht listen to an excerpt on SoundCloud

composed by James Weeks for mezzo soprano and violin 23 mins listen on Amazon Music, Apple Music, Spotify or YouTube Music For more information and to purchase the score visit University of York Press

composed by Benjamin Graves for viola and piano 9 mins commissioned by Park Lane Group supported by the Marchus and Fidelio Trusts

Composed by Daniel Fardon for string quartet 20 mins commissioned by Royal Philharmonic Society & Wigmore Hall listen on Soundcloud watch Daniel talk about the piece on YouTube and see him accept his Ivor Novello Award here

Composed by Timothy Cooper for counter tenor, recorder, theorbo, baroque cello and electronics 17 mins commissioned by The Night With… listen on Apple Music watch Timothy talk about the piece on YouTube

Composed by Amir Konjani for Kraken cello, trumpet, violin and Kraken piano 10 mins commissioned by London Symphony Orchestra (LSO Jerwood composer+) watch Amir talk about the piece on YouTube

Composed by Elena Langer for soprano, baritone and piano 11 ½ minutes commissioned by Independent Opera watch on YouTube

Composed by Robert Laidlow for string quartet 11 mins listen on Soundcloud watch Robert talk about the piece on YouTube

Composed by Julian Anderson for string quartet 23 minutes commissioned by Wigmore Hall and the Tanglewood Music Centre, Boston for more information visit Schott Music

Composed by Matthew Sergeant for flute, saxophone, electric guitar, cello, and apparatuses 20 minutes commissioned by Larry Goves and The House of Bedlam for more information click here

Composed by James Weeks for string quartet 22 minutes listen on Soundcloud

Gavin Higgins, Composer

Composed by Gavin Higgins For piano trio Commissioned by Fidelio Trio

Composed by by Julian Anderson Commissioned by Santa Fe Chamber Music Festival, La Jolla Music Society for SummerFest, Stiftung Berliner Philharmoniker and Wigmore Hall, with the support of the Fondation Hoffmann

Composed by Richard Causton Commissioned by the BBC

Composed by Alex Nikiporenko For cello trio

Composed by Emily Howard for string quartet 23 mins commissioned by the Nicholas Boas Charitable Trust and The RVW Trust listen on Apple Music

Composed by Oliver Leith for saxophone quartet 5 mins commissioned by City Music Foundation listen on Soundcloud

Composed by Christian Mason for string quartet 19 minutes commissioned by Ligeti Quartet supported by the Britten Pears Foundation and RVW Trust listen on Apple Music


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