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In 2023, The Ivors Academy re-launched The Ivors Composer Awards as The Ivors Classical Awards to celebrate creative excellence in composition for contemporary classical and sound art. The Academy is seeking to establish The Ivors Jazz Awards in 2024 as part of a programme of awards and recognition to celebrate composers and songwriters. A stand […]

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The game must have been commercially released for the first time in the UK between 1 January and 31 December 2023. If the original platform version wasn’t released in the UK and the new platform version is, then it is eligible. If the original platform release was commercially released in the UK then the game […]

An extension of an existing game is not eligible for consideration as it is not the first time the game was commercially released to the UK general public.

For The Ivors Classical awards, the work’s contribution template can downloaded here. For The Ivors, the game cue sheet can be downloaded here. For The Ivors, the song’s contribution template can be downloaded here.

No. You can only enter a musical work into one category in any given year. If the music has been especially written to score the feature film, game or television broadcast it should be entered into the screen categories so it is judged by screen composers and reviewed in the context of the music against […]

The film must be 40mins or greater to meet our definition of a feature film.

Yes. Titles exhibited theatrically as well as those distributed via VoD platforms are eligible.

Please follow this link.

No. A song may only be submitted into either Best Contemporary Song or Best Song Musically and Lyrically and not both categories. You should consider each category’s criteria and enter the song into the category they feel best reflects the songwriting. If in doubt, please contact the Awards Team for clarification. The Academy reserves the […]

Yes. Recordings that have an ISRC and ISWC will automatically go through to judging (if they fulfil all other criteria). We expect commercial recordings to have been assigned with both codes so the income generated by the musical work and recording is tracked and distributed correctly. The awards recognise songs and albums commercially released in […]

The ISWC (International Standard Musical Work Code) is an internationally recognised reference number for the identification of musical works. The ISRC (International Standard Recording Code) is an internationally recognised reference number to identify recorded music tracks and music videos. Each ISRC code identifies a specific unique recording and can be permanently encoded into a product […]

No. The album must contain at least 75% original material; ‘original’ in this context is defined as a song copyright not previously released in the UK.

The Ivor Novello Award for Best Album recognises long play albums, not extended plays. Albums in this context are defined as over 25 minutes or more than four songs.

The music must, as a minimum, be available to stream or purchase from all of the following major digital music service providers: Amazon Music, Apple Music, Spotify, and YouTube Music. The music may also be available to buy or stream in other formats.

No. Works which have previously been entered for Ivor Novello Award consideration (at either of our ceremonies: The Ivors or The Ivors Classical Awards) cannot be re-entered for the Awards.

Yes, as long as you are still under 25.

Yes. There is a limit of three works by the same songwriter or songwriting partnership that can be entered into categories Best Album, Best Contemporary Song and Best Song Musically and Lyrically in any one year. Where the same songwriter or songwriting partnership has released multiple albums or songs across the year the Academy encourages […]

The administration fee may be waived or discounted if the entrant is a member of The Ivors Academy. Professional members can enter two works for free and can receive a 50% discount on the administration fee on a third work. Standard or Early Career members can enter one work for free and can receive a […]

There is an administration fee to enter a work into our nominated categories. This is levied to cover administration costs only. The amount differs depending on the ceremony so please read the Rules & Guidelines for either The Ivors or The Ivors Classical Awards before starting to submit a work. The Rising Star Award with […]

Yes. Anyone can enter an eligible submission for consideration including the songwriter or composer themselves.


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