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The Ivors Academy are hosting a free music royalties webinar specifically for Songwriters and Composers.

This webinar is an introduction to royalties, the payments made to you as a songwriter or composer when your music or lyrics are used in various ways.

The term ‘royalties’ is used to describe payments made by users of music to compensate music creators for the ability to use their music, usually in a business context. Royalties are paid to various entities responsible for both the creation and administration of the music. Composers, songwriters and lyricists receive royalties, as do publishers.

Join Charlie Phillips, a music industry lawyer who will lead the session and cover those pressing questions. Charlie is also the author of the new set of educational guides available to Ivors Academy members.

Whether you’re just starting out or looking to take your career to the next level, The Ivors Academy’s Career Builder webinars and guides are valuable resources for music creators at every level. All webinars are free for members and available to watch again.

This is a member only event – if you’re not yet a member join today.


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