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Songwriter Forum – Mental Health & Wellbeing

The Songwriters’ Forum is a new event inviting Ivors Academy songwriters to come together in a warm and welcoming environment to discuss the unique challenges of their profession.

Guest panelists will share insights and tips on navigating the highs and lows of the industry, exploring topics such as mental health and wellbeing, financial stability and staying inspired, motivated and resilient in a rapidly changing professional landscape.

Our first session will focus on mental health & wellbeing for songwriters. Topics covered may include:

Managing creative pressure, deadlines and expectations
Work life balance
Dealing with criticism and rejection
Building support networks
The emotional impact of songwriting
What resources are available for songwriters

This event also offers an inclusive safe space for attendees to share their own experiences in open discussions, as well as structured opportunities to network and connect with a creative community of experienced and supportive peers.

Come along and be uplifted and inspired by a roomful of songwriting talent talking about what it means to be a songwriter in 2024 and leave with renewed energy, fresh perspectives and new connections.

Panellists will be announced soon.

Please note : This is an event for individuals who already have experience of working professionally as a songwriter, writer-producer or singer-songwriter. As such it is not intended for early-stage writers looking to break into the industry or those who don’t write songs themselves (managers, publishers etc).

This is a member only event – if you’re not yet a member join today.


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